Browser Information

LawPORTAL uses advanced browser technology.  Whilst the site has been developed to work on all popular browsers, the technology is best supported by Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

Internet Standards are developed by a range of independent bodies, the largest of which is the W3C Consortium.  Browser companies such as Microsoft and Netscape and others rely on these bodies for the development of coding standards.  Three technologies used in the LawPORTAL site are:

  • Frames (used for split screen mode and to keep the LawPORTAL Navigator active)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (used for the visual layout of the site)
  • Tables (used to organise information vertically and horizontally)

Whilst all modern browsers support these technologies, the most rigorous implementation of these technologies is Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser.  It is recommended that users download and install the latest version of this browser.  If users wish to use other Browsers it is recommended that they download and install the latest version of the browser they wish.  Use the links below to learn more about the two most popular browsers and download them.

Download the Latest Internet Explorer (recommended):

Click the icon above to download the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser.  Alternatively, click HERE to access the Microsoft site.

Download Netscape Navigator's Latest Version:

Click HERE to access Netscape's Download Site.